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  • Material Do Núcleo: Fio De Cobre Desencapado
  • Comprimento: 1.2 Meters
  • Material: Metal
  • Pacote: Sim
  • Tipo: Cabo De Áudio
  • Tipo De Item: Fone De Ouvido, Cabos
  • O Material Do Fio: Cobre Oxygen-free
  • Nome Da Marca: NoEnName_Null
  • Modelo: V8, V10, V12 X3

Can be used for Sol Republic Master Tracks HD V8 V10 V12 X3 full range of headphones.


This wire is used in Division 32 of the core wire processing, soft, no tie, the main line is 2.5MM, sub-line is 1.8MM, tensile strong, durable.

Wheat single button, for Apple and Android are compatible.Besides Just connect one end of the earphone unit interface 2.5MM, most of all be generic.


Cable length: 1.2M

Type: With Mic

Color: red, blue, white, black

Connect one end of the player is the use of internationally accepted 3.5MM plug, plug one end of the headset is 2.5MM.

Material: Outsourcing rubber high permeability transparent PVC, black PVC plastic bag inside the core oxygen-free copper wire core 32 * 0.05 + 250D nylon flexural tensile wire, shielded wire core, no auscultation effect.

Package include:

1 x replacement cable

V Kovynyova
Honestly, I won't buy more on Aliexpress. Things don't get lost. Maybe where or when they get broken in other intakes, and they are also not able to take responsibility for q products at all and do not have trace to know where it is either

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